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Greetings, Potential Their Place Families,


Thank you for applying to Their Place Discovery and Learning Center. We are pleased to consider placement for your student in the Their Place community, where we embrace each other’s differences, promote child-driven learning opportunities, and provide a unique learning experience for every learner, with an experienced team of Trailblazers.  To ensure the safety of all children and Trailblazers, spaces for this first cohort are extremely limited.  Once we reach our application quota, we will stop accepting applications. 


For your child’s application to be considered, you need to:


  1. Complete and submit the:

  2. Submit any educational testing or IEP/504 information

  3. Submit $20 (one-time) Application Fee


Once everything is submitted to, a review of documents and virtual interview will be completed. Within one week of application submission, your family will receive the status of acceptance, immediate waitlist, or future waitlist.  If accepted you will receive the Learner Enrollment Agreement and our Their Place DLC Parent Ambassador will contact you to invite you to a welcome coffee where your child will meet their Educational Trailblazers.


This is a community school. We rely on the close collaboration of our teaching team, board, parents, students, and fantastic support network. Together, we personalize learning and support each student holistically on their journey. Please post and share in your own community and on social media—we want to spread the word that we are here—in Gloucester County, New Jersey—to make learning a positive experience!


We look forward to sharing this wonderful learning opportunity with your family!


Warm regards,




Sonya Harris

Founder and Executive Director

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