About Us

We are trailblazers in the education field and realize that COVID-19 has put a considerable strain on the way traditional schools operate.

It's important for children to be involved in their learning, have the opportunity to explore and connect with their environment, and be encouraged by their peers.

We want every family involved with our program to have pride in this very unique learning environment and take comfort in knowing that their children are safe, cared for, and included at

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 Our Program

Our students look forward to three longer days of academics (9am - 2pm) and two shorter days (9am - 12pm) of discovery and exploration, usually child-led! We realize that children learn at different paces and need frequent "brain breaks" to help focus and process information. 

Outside time is imperative, as is activity and movement. Our nature-based program is realized through experiential learning and sensory exploration.  We firmly root our support of community health through envisioning and nurturing personal growth and accountability.  Children's success is amplified through a growth-oriented and warm environment, which lovingly flows into the community we care so deeply about and support.


Our staff consists of certified teachers, microschool experts, and a social worker. Your children and their educational, social, and emotional needs are our number one priority.


Our Staff

Trailblazing educators who break the mold when it comes to child-led learning as catalysts of change!


Our Trailblazers are all certified by the State of NJ and hold advanced degrees, certificates, and training.

Our partnership with Rowan University allows us to hire Trailblazer Assistants from the School of Education.  

Following in the footsteps of our founder, Sonya Harris, we believe ALL children deserve an education that is TRULY equitable.  Learning should not be a one-size-fits-all model, which, sadly is why Sonya left teaching in the public school.  She believes teachers are facilitators for learning and are well-equipped with experience and tools of the trade to bring out the natural gifts inside every child.

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